22 February 2012

Twelve Week Puppy's Tale

This is my 12 week old official portrait.

Wow, what a difference from my 8 week portrait...

Still cute, though, don't you think...? 
 At least, that's what everyone says when they see me...!  
Everyone gets excited, then I get excited, then they get more excited,
then I get... well, you get the picture.

At 12 weeks old I can:
Sit on my MAT while TC & SW sit in the kitchen to eat dinner.
I can bark and scratch at the door to GO OUT.
I can SIT, DOWN, LAY, ROLL OVER, SHAKE with either PAW, 
and get UP in the BRT or JEEP.

I can STAY and WAIT for my food or for a TREAT, although it's hard to not
just want to jump up and grab that TREAT when it's sitting just in front of my nose.
But, I WAIT until SW or TC gives me the sign to GET IT.

And GET IT isn't just for treats... it's also for my favorite FOOTBALL or TENNISBALL.
I can't confuse it with GET 'EM, cause that's for the GUINEAS.  Although, I do like to
GET 'EM CATS... even when SW tells me to BE NICE.

I am learning to BEG, but I can't seem to sit right on my back legs yet and balance...
 I know that will come, and meanwhile I get a nice TREAT for trying.

I have to go now...  It's play time..!

1 comment:

  1. What a smart little dog you are Disie. Keep trying, you'll get it.