26 July 2012

Sun Bathing

Where are we going today...?!?

Today was a BEACH day!  I LOVE going to the BEACH.
I can RUN and RUN and RUN...!

Then I get to lay down and rest in the cool sand...

Oops!  Wave almost got me there...!

Watch out PELICANS here I come!!

Yep, I LOVE the BEACH...!
Welcome to MY WORLD..!

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20 July 2012

River Rat... er... Dog..!

Where are we going today...?

Today we climbed in the JEEP.  I never know where we ARE GOING, but
I know I usually like it when we get there... and, today we went to the RIVER!!

I like the RIVER because I get to go SWIMMING!
TC and SW find me STICKS and we play FETCH over and over..

and over and over...

And over and over...
And, well, you get the idea...


A wet dog is a happy dog... 

Excuse me while I shake myself off for a second...

Where are we going to next... I'm READY!!!

09 July 2012

I Get Around

A farm dog has to be able to get around...

Where are we going today...?

A couple of weeks ago, TC and SW brought home a new TOY.
They like to ride around in it all over the farm.
See me in the BACK, just like on the BRT!

Sometimes, we have to go down the long driveway



04 July 2012

Red Merle, White and Blue!

Today we went to a PARADE.
I got to wear a new BANDANNA for the occasion.

There were LOTS of PEOPLE at the PARADE.
And, LOTS of shiny TRUCKS!

Then we went to a town PICNIC
with YUMMY hot dogs and hamburgers.

Hope you had a GREAT 4th of July too...!!

02 July 2012

My Tummy Hurt...

A LOT has happened over the last couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to write...

One day, I was taken to the VETS.
I didn't know what the VETS was, 
but I was in a big room with lots of SMELLS and other DOGS and CATS were there.

I knew something was going to happen, but I didn't know what...
So I SAT and STAYED, and we WAITED...

And, we WAITED...

How much longer...?  

But, then, I was taken away from SW...!
I was scared, and cried, and lots of things happened that I don't remember.
But then SW was BACK!  And, we went home, but my TUMMY hurt a LOT.

I didn't feel good... and, I didn't want to EAT, or DRINK, or GET 'EM CATS.
I just wanted to sleep.  But, SW gave me a SPECIAL TREAT, and
it made the pain go away, and I felt a little better.

Then, the next day I felt a little more better, and then a little more better.
Now I feel all better.

So, then TC left and SW had to take me to her HOSPITAL so I wouldn't be LONELY.
I had my own CRATE in a special spot.
It was just below where SW sits and does WORK.

Lots of FRIENDS came to see me, and PLAY with me...!
They also fed me lots of GOODIES when SW wasn't around...
Like BACON, and CHIPS, and FRIES...

Oh, and my TUMMY hurt again... but in a GOOD way... 
I like going to the HOSPITAL, but I don't like going to the VETS..!