25 December 2012

Merry Christmas...!

I just wanted to say

There... now can I take these THINGS
off my HEAD and CHEW on them already....?

29 November 2012

It's My Party....!

Today's my Birthday...!

I've gone from this...

To this...

You can see the transition in this video SW made...
yeah, me!!

04 November 2012

Who's the Fairest of Them All...?

We had visitors at our HOUSE this week... 
My two older SISTERS, KATE and ROSIE..!

The last time I saw ROSIE she was BIGGER than ME...

But NOW we're the SAME size...

I showed them all the fun trails around the HOUSE...!

We WALKED all over...


Really, do I HAVE to...?

OK, just this one...

ROSIE and I look almost the SAME...

Here we are again, POSING...

I am still the BETTER-LOOKING of them all,
don't you think...?

14 October 2012

Counting Sheep...

Ever since DILLON came to live with us,
I've been doing a LOT more running around.
Here's a VIDEO showing DILLON trying to hog the BALL,
and then not letting me RUN with my DOGGY FRIENDS...

even on my MAT...

A girl's got to get her BEAUTY SLEEP...

WHY are we AWAKE so early...?
DILLON has to GO OUT...?!?

I'm going BACK TO SLEEP...

Although, sometimes, having a LITTLE BROTHER
can be NICE...

02 October 2012

Swimming Lessons

That DILLON thinks he is SO SMART...

We go to the RIVER to PLAY
I like the RIVER...

Then DILLON comes and steals the STICK...!

I do all the SWIMMING...

... and the FETCHING...

And, there's DILLON waiting for me on the shore...

I don't think it's FAIR...

I think DILLON needs to learn to SWIM...!

DILLON's 12 weeks old today, 
so maybe I'll BE NICE to him this time...

29 September 2012

Over the River, Through the Woods...

DILLON wrote that GRAMMA was visiting for the last couple of weeks.
We had to GO FOR A RIDE to take her and PEPPY HOME.

DILLON and I had to GO FOR A RIDE in the back of the BRT.

It's OK, DILLON, I've done this LOTS of times.
SW and TC will take care of everything.

We STOP and GO POTTY when we need to.

We can SIT and LAY DOWN in the back of the BRT.

And we EAT when we need to.

We get to see FUN places like GRAMMA's HOME and BACKYARD.
And, we get to PLAY and PLAY and PLAY...!

It's NICE to be with SW and TC in the HOTEL.

And, SW takes LOTS of PICTURES.
Of course, I take the BEST PICTURES.
Here I am in Napa...!

14 September 2012

Making Adjustments

What's a dog gotta do to get some attention around here...?

Boy!  There are a LOT of changes that have happened...
I wrote last time that I got to meet some of my family,
and we had a lot of FUN...!

But then DILLON CAME HOME with us!

Now he's sleeping in my PLAY PEN!
Remember I used to SLEEP there before..?

And, I ride in the JEEP in the front...

Now DILLON is there TOO!

But, it's NICE to have someone to PLAY with...
I have just got to BE NICE...

I don't think DILLON knows how to BE NICE...
and, I have the VIDEO to prove it...!

I think we might have to take him BACK
cause I'm the BEST ONE...
don't you agree....?

05 September 2012

Family Reunion

The other day I knew something was happening, and I wasn't quite sure that I was going to be happy about it.  SW and TC were packing the BRT, and my new CRATE was packed too.

Then we were GOING FOR A RIDE, and it was a long ride!
When we got there, I knew something smelled familiar...
It's where I was BORN!

Soon I was meeting my BIG SISTER KATE again.
She's a little bossy.

But, soon we were PLAYING together!
Aren't we PRETTY?

Then KATE brought over a new family member!
I heard his name is DILLON and he's our LITTLE BROTHER.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of DILLON at first.
He is so small.

 But for some reason, he already smelled a little like SW and TC.
Then I saw his COLLAR just like mine...!

I think I am going to LIKE this