08 February 2012

Ten Weeks and Going Strong

My official 10 week old portrait...

At 10 weeks I am able to:
 - stay in the CRATE and sleep through the night
 - scratch at the door and let SW and TC know I need to go OUT
 - wait until the command to GET IT is given before eating my food
 - play NICE with the CATS and not try to bite their tails
 - GET 'EM guinea birds to keep them off the porch during the day and then help put them in their barn for the night
 - I can SIT, LAY, and am learning to ROLL
 - I follow TC as he does work around the house, and I don't go wandering off when we go on WALKS
 - I am still learning to work on UP... just can't seem to get my back legs coordinated enough to jump UP yet
 - I like to ride in the BRT and the JEEP

And, I like the BEACH... 
Here's my latest video as I try to herd foam... 
It didn't quite work... but I had FUN!!

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