30 March 2012

You Hide, I Go SEEK!

There are a LOT of trails around our HOUSE.
SW likes to go hide on the trails and then I have to SEEK!
She thinks she is so smart, but I can FIND her all the time.

Today, she made it even harder.
She ran out the front, around the SHED, back down the driveway,
over another trail I had never been on and hid in some trees.

TC let me out the door and said, "FIND!"
So I did!  TC thought she went up the hill, but I knew better.
My NOSE said she was somewhere else.
I put it down to the ground and followed...!

I almost gave up, but then I got the smell just right and I started running...
Then there she was!!
She started laughing and clapping and calling me, "GOOD GIRL!!"

So, I knew I had done a GOOD JOB!
I like playing you HIDE and I SEEK!

24 March 2012

Beach is Peaches...!

 We spend a lot of time at the BEACH.
SW and TC go all the time.

There's lots to SMELL and I can run around without a leash
chasing the BALL or learning to CATCH the frisbee!

Sometimes, I go to the BEACH with SW and sometimes with TC, 
but the other day, TC left in the BRT 
and SW and I got in the JEEP.

I didn't know where we were GOING FOR A RIDE, 
but then we were at the BEACH!  And, TC was already there.
I wanted to go to TC, but he was doing something with a large BLANKET and BOARD.

Then he was on the WATER!  I wanted to run in and chase him but the WATER was too deep!  So, we stood on the sand and watched him.  He can fly on the WATER!  

See...? Watch him!  

I have a lot of FUN at the BEACH.  Although, I don't know if SW likes all this sand and water in the JEEP.  

I don't mind.  I just sleep and dream of being at the BEACH all the way home...

12 March 2012

Finally, Geesh..!

SW finally got all the photos from our vacation put into a MOVIE, 
and she has posted it on YouTube, but you can see it here...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being there...
I liked the RIVER...!

07 March 2012

Puppy Picture Potpourri

I have been having a lot of FUN.  It's spring, and we can go for long WALKS without getting all wet in the rain.  It is so nice to go out in the sunshine.

Also, all these pretty FLOWERS are coming out everywhere, but SW will only let me smell them.  They are not to BITE on.

I am learning to play with a FRISBEE.  We play FETCH with it, and I am having so much FUN!
Today was very exciting...!  I got to meet my big sister Rosie.  She is 4 years old.

Rosie likes to RUN!  And, I tried to run along with her, but she is very fast.  I hope I can be that fast one day. 
Even though I couldn't keep up with her, I still had FUN playing at the BEACH!  And, there was lots of FOAM to chase... just like the last time!

02 March 2012

Road Trip...!

Have you missed me...?

I've been on VACATION!

Several days ago TC & SW spent the morning putting clothes into large boxes on wheels.  They put these in the back of the BRT.  All of the CATS seemed to know what was going on, but they didn't tell me.  Then, my CRATE and KENNEL got put into the back of the BRT!

That means we're going FOR A RIDE!  And, what a long ride it was!  We left and the sun was out, and when I woke up it was dark and we were still on the road.  When we stopped, they brought my KENNEL and their boxes into a new place where dogs are allowed!  I even had my own sign...

The next morning, TC & SW took me for a long walk!  There were LOTS of cars and people and new noises and new dogs and, and, and... so many things I had never seen before!

Here I am sitting on the wall near San Francisco Bay.  TC took me for LONG walks every day while SW went away, but she always came back in the evening.  I think she had something called MEETINGS that took her away during the day.

We stayed for 2 days and then got back in the BRT.  I wondered where we were going FOR A RIDE this time.  When I woke up, we were at another place!

This place was so much FUN!  There was a big sandy BEACH by a RIVER.  I had never been in a RIVER before.  The water tasted better than at the BEACH, and I could play in the water!

We went for long walks every day in the woods, and I played on the BEACH.

And, of course, SW took LOTS of pictures!

And, every night I got tucked into my KENNEL right in the room with TC and SW.  The place we stayed in even let me have breakfast with them in a special place where I could sit and meet everyone and all the other dogs!

I liked VACATION, but it is nice to be back home again... 

Oh, and SW is putting together a movie of our trip because there are too many pictures to share here... so I will post that when she's done!