22 February 2012

Twelve Week Puppy's Tale

This is my 12 week old official portrait.

Wow, what a difference from my 8 week portrait...

Still cute, though, don't you think...? 
 At least, that's what everyone says when they see me...!  
Everyone gets excited, then I get excited, then they get more excited,
then I get... well, you get the picture.

At 12 weeks old I can:
Sit on my MAT while TC & SW sit in the kitchen to eat dinner.
I can bark and scratch at the door to GO OUT.
I can SIT, DOWN, LAY, ROLL OVER, SHAKE with either PAW, 
and get UP in the BRT or JEEP.

I can STAY and WAIT for my food or for a TREAT, although it's hard to not
just want to jump up and grab that TREAT when it's sitting just in front of my nose.
But, I WAIT until SW or TC gives me the sign to GET IT.

And GET IT isn't just for treats... it's also for my favorite FOOTBALL or TENNISBALL.
I can't confuse it with GET 'EM, cause that's for the GUINEAS.  Although, I do like to
GET 'EM CATS... even when SW tells me to BE NICE.

I am learning to BEG, but I can't seem to sit right on my back legs yet and balance...
 I know that will come, and meanwhile I get a nice TREAT for trying.

I have to go now...  It's play time..!

16 February 2012

Strike a Pose

I don't know why, but SW likes to carry this shiny little box with her wherever we go...

She squeaks my play ball and then gets excited when I look just the right way...

Sometimes I hear the shiny box clicking in the background while I am just playing around... I don't know why she likes to play with the box.  I would rather play in the water.

She sets me up on different things and gets really happy, though, when I look at her just right... And, that makes me happy too...!  Here I am at eleven weeks' old... Wow, time is sure flying by...!

12 February 2012

I'm a Big Girl Now...

From the time I arrived to my new home, 
I used to sleep in this puppy play pen..

This week, though, something changed...
All of a sudden I learned that if I jumped really hard,
I didn't have to be in this pen away from SW and TC.
I don't like being away from them when I know they are home.

This is my new sleeping crate.  It's big and roomy...

I don't like that I can't get out, but TC and SW take me out when I need to, 
and I am learning to SIT and STAY before being allowed out.
Or, at least I am working on it...

I guess no more puppy play pen for me...
Just another sign that I'm becoming a Big Girl...!

08 February 2012

Ten Weeks and Going Strong

My official 10 week old portrait...

At 10 weeks I am able to:
 - stay in the CRATE and sleep through the night
 - scratch at the door and let SW and TC know I need to go OUT
 - wait until the command to GET IT is given before eating my food
 - play NICE with the CATS and not try to bite their tails
 - GET 'EM guinea birds to keep them off the porch during the day and then help put them in their barn for the night
 - I can SIT, LAY, and am learning to ROLL
 - I follow TC as he does work around the house, and I don't go wandering off when we go on WALKS
 - I am still learning to work on UP... just can't seem to get my back legs coordinated enough to jump UP yet
 - I like to ride in the BRT and the JEEP

And, I like the BEACH... 
Here's my latest video as I try to herd foam... 
It didn't quite work... but I had FUN!!

05 February 2012

Going for a Ride...!

SW takes me for rides in the JEEP.  
I am very excited when we get in the JEEP 
because that means we are going somewhere!

Once we get going, though, I usually fall asleep.  
I like being surprised by where we are going...

Are we there yet...?!?!

Today we went to the PARK.  I liked the PARK, but I am still not sure about all the other DOGS I see running around.  They are not like the CATS I play with at the house.  I'll just sit here for now...