12 February 2012

I'm a Big Girl Now...

From the time I arrived to my new home, 
I used to sleep in this puppy play pen..

This week, though, something changed...
All of a sudden I learned that if I jumped really hard,
I didn't have to be in this pen away from SW and TC.
I don't like being away from them when I know they are home.

This is my new sleeping crate.  It's big and roomy...

I don't like that I can't get out, but TC and SW take me out when I need to, 
and I am learning to SIT and STAY before being allowed out.
Or, at least I am working on it...

I guess no more puppy play pen for me...
Just another sign that I'm becoming a Big Girl...!

1 comment:

  1. I like your new sleeping crate, Dixie. I am going to let you in on a little secret. Koda has a sleeping crate like that and that is where we put him when we go out (but not for more than six hours tops) but he doesn't sleep there the whole night. Hold on, maybe you'll get invited to the "big bed" one day. Then stack your claim and never let go!

    It is good to see you are growing so big!