16 February 2012

Strike a Pose

I don't know why, but SW likes to carry this shiny little box with her wherever we go...

She squeaks my play ball and then gets excited when I look just the right way...

Sometimes I hear the shiny box clicking in the background while I am just playing around... I don't know why she likes to play with the box.  I would rather play in the water.

She sets me up on different things and gets really happy, though, when I look at her just right... And, that makes me happy too...!  Here I am at eleven weeks' old... Wow, time is sure flying by...!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Dixie, So many people are enjoying watching you grow & get cuter by the day. I'm going thru a rough time as my mother ages, and decisions have to be made. Having a doggy for myself right now would not be practical. So even thought you are 3000 miles away, your cheery face, wise eyes, and playfulness never fails to make me smile. Grow strong, sweet thing. Bethe