22 May 2012


I wrote before about the shiny box SW likes to carry around.  She is always telling me to SIT and STAY. Since SW and TC have been very busy around the house, I am going to share some of my favorite photos that SW took...

These were taken at Ferndale Bridge which is near where we live.  I like playing on the RIVER.

This is my spot at HOME.  I lay on my MAT and wait until it's time to EAT, or time to GO OUT.

I like the BEACH.  We play FETCH and I like to RUN...!

I also like to DIG...!  Here's a hole I dug at the BEACH...

SW takes me to the HOSPITAL some times.  I have a MAT there where I wait while she does WORK.  I like the HOSPITAL.  I get petted and played with by lots of people, and everyone knows my NAME...!

Why, yes, I am a sexy beast....!

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01 May 2012

Get 'Em Goats...!

JOSIE and BETTY are two GOATS.
TC and SW brought them home about a month ago, and I am learning to GET 'EM GOATS!

I have to watch them very carefully, because they like to RUN!
I like to RUN, but I have to learn to BE NICE and get DOWN
when I am around them.  
SW and TC tell me THAT'LL DO when the GOATS are where they want them to be.
I know JOSIE is thinking about RUNning...

Wait... maybe JOSIE is thinking she is going to GET 'EM DIXIE...!

I've got to be still...

... and then GET 'EM at just the right time...!

GOATS I'm watching you...
Not too bad for only being 5 1/2 months old, right...?