30 March 2012

You Hide, I Go SEEK!

There are a LOT of trails around our HOUSE.
SW likes to go hide on the trails and then I have to SEEK!
She thinks she is so smart, but I can FIND her all the time.

Today, she made it even harder.
She ran out the front, around the SHED, back down the driveway,
over another trail I had never been on and hid in some trees.

TC let me out the door and said, "FIND!"
So I did!  TC thought she went up the hill, but I knew better.
My NOSE said she was somewhere else.
I put it down to the ground and followed...!

I almost gave up, but then I got the smell just right and I started running...
Then there she was!!
She started laughing and clapping and calling me, "GOOD GIRL!!"

So, I knew I had done a GOOD JOB!
I like playing you HIDE and I SEEK!


  1. Your nose knows Dixie! Good job for keeping track of your people when you have to find them!


  2. ohmygoodness...Ms Dixie is looking like quite the grown up little lady!