07 March 2012

Puppy Picture Potpourri

I have been having a lot of FUN.  It's spring, and we can go for long WALKS without getting all wet in the rain.  It is so nice to go out in the sunshine.

Also, all these pretty FLOWERS are coming out everywhere, but SW will only let me smell them.  They are not to BITE on.

I am learning to play with a FRISBEE.  We play FETCH with it, and I am having so much FUN!
Today was very exciting...!  I got to meet my big sister Rosie.  She is 4 years old.

Rosie likes to RUN!  And, I tried to run along with her, but she is very fast.  I hope I can be that fast one day. 
Even though I couldn't keep up with her, I still had FUN playing at the BEACH!  And, there was lots of FOAM to chase... just like the last time!

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