24 March 2012

Beach is Peaches...!

 We spend a lot of time at the BEACH.
SW and TC go all the time.

There's lots to SMELL and I can run around without a leash
chasing the BALL or learning to CATCH the frisbee!

Sometimes, I go to the BEACH with SW and sometimes with TC, 
but the other day, TC left in the BRT 
and SW and I got in the JEEP.

I didn't know where we were GOING FOR A RIDE, 
but then we were at the BEACH!  And, TC was already there.
I wanted to go to TC, but he was doing something with a large BLANKET and BOARD.

Then he was on the WATER!  I wanted to run in and chase him but the WATER was too deep!  So, we stood on the sand and watched him.  He can fly on the WATER!  

See...? Watch him!  

I have a lot of FUN at the BEACH.  Although, I don't know if SW likes all this sand and water in the JEEP.  

I don't mind.  I just sleep and dream of being at the BEACH all the way home...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I bet you know when you are heading to the beach, Dixie, because I'm sure, as smart as you are, that you can smell it when you are getting closer to it! Maybe one day TC will take you out with him on his board?