14 September 2012

Making Adjustments

What's a dog gotta do to get some attention around here...?

Boy!  There are a LOT of changes that have happened...
I wrote last time that I got to meet some of my family,
and we had a lot of FUN...!

But then DILLON CAME HOME with us!

Now he's sleeping in my PLAY PEN!
Remember I used to SLEEP there before..?

And, I ride in the JEEP in the front...

Now DILLON is there TOO!

But, it's NICE to have someone to PLAY with...
I have just got to BE NICE...

I don't think DILLON knows how to BE NICE...
and, I have the VIDEO to prove it...!

I think we might have to take him BACK
cause I'm the BEST ONE...
don't you agree....?

1 comment:

  1. I think you Dixie have the typical older sister attitude, but it is neat to have a buddy to play with right?