05 September 2012

Family Reunion

The other day I knew something was happening, and I wasn't quite sure that I was going to be happy about it.  SW and TC were packing the BRT, and my new CRATE was packed too.

Then we were GOING FOR A RIDE, and it was a long ride!
When we got there, I knew something smelled familiar...
It's where I was BORN!

Soon I was meeting my BIG SISTER KATE again.
She's a little bossy.

But, soon we were PLAYING together!
Aren't we PRETTY?

Then KATE brought over a new family member!
I heard his name is DILLON and he's our LITTLE BROTHER.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of DILLON at first.
He is so small.

 But for some reason, he already smelled a little like SW and TC.
Then I saw his COLLAR just like mine...!

I think I am going to LIKE this


  1. Hi! Brenda suggested that I check out your blog. We adopted one of Dillon's brothers. His name is Scout! It will be great to be able to see updates on your blog about how he is doing (and his big sister too)! ~Anna

  2. Sounds like it was a great getting to know the new member of the family! Both are so cute!