02 August 2012

Flying High

Where are we going today..?
Early one morning TC and SW were putting stuff in the BRT.
Then I saw my FOOD and GOODIES being put in there too.
We're going for a RIDE!!

And what a LONG RIDE it was.

We finally stopped, and I got out and there were SHEEP!

I wasn't allowed to GET 'EM, though.
SW sat with me while TC WENT AWAY.
I don't know where he WENT AWAY to, but after a LONG time he came back...

At first I didn't recognize him.  I thought it was a BIRD.
So I BARKED, but SW told me to WATCH.

The BIRD got closer and closer then landed right in front of us.
The BIRD was TC!!
TC putting his BIRD away...
Then we stopped at a HOTEL.  
I like elevators.

The next morning we were in the BRT again.
It was another LONG RIDE.

We're going all the way up there..?!?
I got to ride outside in the BRT, and we went up a BIG hill.

We kept climbing and climbing through lots of trees.

This is me at the very top... 7180 feet high!

TC pulled out his big BIRD again.

I don't like it when TC goes AWAY.

But he can fly that BIRD!

We spent the night in another HOTEL.
I like that HOTELS let me stay with TC and SW.

And, I like when SW takes lots of pictures of me with her shiny blue box.

After that we got back in the BRT for another LONG RIDE and went HOME!
I will be dreaming of SHEEP, and BIRDS, and HOTELS, and, and.....

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