26 April 2012

A Capitol Adventure...

Where are we going today..?!?  All of my things got packed, and I was put in the back seat of the car...

Usually, when we are GOING FOR A RIDE I get to ride in the front seat.  But today both SW and TC were in the JEEP.  My mat was in the back seat so I know that's where I was supposed to sit.

I didn't mind.  I didn't have to be in my crate so I just lay down and slept most of the way.
It was a long drive, but soon we arrived and stayed at another HOTEL. 
Did I mention, I like riding on ELEVATORS...?

Every morning, SW took me for a long walk.  And every afternoon TC would take me for another walk.  I liked the park.  There were lots of things to smell and SQUIRRELS..!

The grass was nice and soft, and I got to meet some other DOGS.  But, they are not like me.  They are CITY DOGS.  They only get to run around in the park.  They do not have woods and CHICKENS and GOATS to play with.  And, they have to be on a LEASH all the time. 

Here's me in front of the state capitol.  We had a lot of fun on our trip, but I am glad to be back home...!

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