21 January 2012

Herd is the Word...

It's been an interesting couple of days, and I have been slowly learning the routine of my new family.  For some reason SW and TC have been cheering every time I go outside to pee or poo.  I don't find it that exciting, but they seem to be happy when I do it outside, so that makes me happy too!

We have been going on long walks every day in the rain.  It's been wet and slippery and sometimes I am not quite sure I want to go down the path, but I do my best and follow SW and TC where they lead me.  A couple of times SW has had to carry me because the path was too slippery or scary, but we made it through ok, and we always make it back home safely.

Today, though, we did something really fun!  There's these big noisy birds... bigger than I have ever seen before.  And they are LOUD!  They scared me at first because whenever they see SW or TC they come running toward them.  Today, though, SW was taking me for a walk, and we stopped and watched them.  I got real excited, SW made me SIT.

The birds walked past us then SW called my name and pulled on my leash.  I was confused at first but then SW ran, so I ran, then she said, "Go, get 'em!"

"GET 'EM... Yes!!"

We chased those birds round and round in the front yard and then on the side.  Sometimes I got so excited I forgot to listen to SW, but she would pull up on the leash and say, "SIT."  It was hard to do because I really wanted to get those birds, and run and chase them, but I listened to SW.  Then, we would wait and start all over again.  I learned that when she said,  "SIT" it meant wait by her, and just when I thought I couldn't stand it any more she would say, "Get 'em!"

When we were finished it was hard to see the birds walk off, but SW pulled me back toward the house.  I had so much fun I fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the door... Herding is FUN!!

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  1. I bet that was fun to herd! And I know you are a good herder!! Sounds like a great adventure you had and that you are adjusting to home life pretty darn good!