18 January 2012

Coming Home...

My name is Dixie, and this is my story...

I was born on November 29th;  the last of 7 brothers and sisters!  Wow, what a family I came into...!  You can see me at the top of the picture here on the day we were born.

Here I am at just a couple of days' old along with my two sisters.  We grew up so fast...!

When I was 4 weeks' old, I met my new family members.  They came to meet me for the first time, and that's when I learned my name... Dixie!  They only stayed for a short time, but I got to learn their scent.  Before they left, they came to say good-bye, and I was so excited to see them again after my nap that I jumped over 2 of my siblings to get to where they were clapping for me that I beat everyone else to them.

Then they left... but they promised to be back...!

And... today they did!  My brothers and sisters all sat around waiting to see who was going to their new home, and it was me!  I remembered my new family members by their scent... there is Soft and Warm (SW) and Tall and Cool (TC).  SW wrapped me in a soft cloth that smelled of my family, and we went to the big red truck.  I'd ridden in a truck before, so I knew we were doing something fun.

This time, though the trip was much longer.  Suddenly, I started to wonder how much longer we were going to go, and I started to feel my mom and siblings getting farther away.  I cried for a long time.  SW and TC let me cry, and SW just held me close.  Soon, I started to feel better, and so very tired so I fell asleep.

When I woke up, we were in a new place, going up a big hill.  Just like the drive where my family lives.  I got excited, but I think a part of the excitement was I needed to pee!  Were we getting there soon..?

We did, whew, and now I am getting settled in my new home.  I'll let you know tomorrow how my first night went... but, it's looking good so far.


  1. Hi Dixie! My name is Rocky, and TODAY is my 4th birthday. My parents are also Sam and Mollie, and boy-oh-boy do I understand! My Mommy flew on a plane from NORTH CAROLINA to come and get me, and then we rented a car and DROVE all the way from Somes Bar to Stony Point, NC. It took us a whole week, but we sure got to know one another that way. When I got home, there were 4 cats, 2 goats, 2 horses and a big-brother Aussie mix named Gus waiting for me. Oh yeah, and FIVE grandkids! Hang in there, you'll do great, your big red brother (from another litter), Rocky :-)

  2. So cute!! Looking forward to getting to know Dixie more as she adjusts in your family! Sounds like a perfect fit with TC and SW :)


  3. Love this, V! Can't wait to read more and meet Ms Dixie! elizabeth